Friday, September 2, 2011

TV Quote of the Week!!

It's my goal in "Blogger Life" to continually bring you new things that, however big or small, you can take with you, pass along, and enjoy. So today I'm introducing to you, fresh out the box, EWLYD's TV Quote of the Week! - A chewy morsel found along my weekly viewing travels that is just too fun to keep to myself!

This week's TQW comes from Tia & Tamera

Upon noticing her sister Tamera, who is just the cutest thing EVER, enjoying her meal in a slightly dramatic fashion, a slightly exhausted Tia offers up this piece of wisdom:

"Did you notice that Black People always dance when they eat?"

I love it!
... And it's funny cuz it's true.

Catch Tia & Tamera, Mondays @ 9pm on Style Network

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