Friday, September 9, 2011

The most fitting program Title ever ...

2 weeks ago MTV premiered it's "new" web clip show called  Ridiculousness  (surprised that that's actually a word? Me too!) starring Rob Dyrdek, and I decided to give it a look. Question - Would MTV be able to offer anything fresh or new to this already semi-saturated program genre? Answer - Not a chance.

America's Funniest Home Videos was the pioneer of everyday idiots recording "nut-shots" and "hurting themselves unnecessarily", and with all that now available online, it takes a host with truly irreverent humor or at least spark of something extra, to sell a tv show of this nature. I like Rob Dyrdek, but compared to FAR superior vehicles like Comedy Central's Tosh.0, hosted by Daniel Tosh and G4's Web Soup, with Chris Hardwick, Dyrdek comes off as stale and kinda corny. Plus he's got 2 sidekicks for comedic support, which i'm just going to refer to as "Black Guy" and "White Girl" who ultimately add nothing. They're just miserable, particularly White Girl's painfully forced laugh at EVERYTHING, regardless of how poorly timed or unfunny. 

And the WORST part is, the show, which is of the SIMPLEST format, is just so overproduced that by the time the episodes air, the web clips are no longer topical, so ... What's the point? ... *sigh* It's a mess ...

Ridiculousness airs on MTV Mondays @ 10pm ... But it doesn't matter. Skip it, and save DVR space for new eps of Tosh when it returns.

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