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TV Quote of the Week - 1/15/12

Back for another TV Quote of the Week!

This week's quotable is brought to you from the very BEST comedy (till maybe Cougar Town comes back) on ABC, Happy Endings. The definition of "a comedy" is a show that brings laughter by design, and when that show's ensemble cast can make you literally and genuinely LOL each ep? You've really got something there.

In the (likely) case that you're a clueless shell of a man (or woman) who needs it spelled out for them, the list order of best ABC comedies go like this:

#1 - Happy Endings
#2 - The Middle
#3 - ?
#4 - ?
#5 - Modern Family

Fact! For reasons like the following scene where the group discusses the complexities of sisterhood, divorce, and letting street performers use your bathroom:

Penny: "I always wanted a sibling. But the closest I ever got to a kid sister was a 'My Buddy doll'."
Max: "Why didn't you just get a 'Kid Sister doll'?"
Penny: "I did! But we weren't that close."

Happy Endings - Wednesday nights @ 9:30p on ABC.
You're Welcome.

And, as a special bonus, this 1 time only - an EXTRA quote of the week! What, what?! Yeah, don't say 'EJ never feeds ya'!

The bonus quote comes from a little show on Vh1 that I like to call (because that's it's name) Love & Hip-Hop, a monday night hour of awesomeness if you enjoy the 'lowest common denominator' that only Reality TV can deliver, as much as I do!

Every other week, SOMEONE is getting stomped, either figuratively or literally, and just so long as its not Olivia, I'm happy. These women are awesome ... and completely nuts. I thought POSSIBLY Teairra Mari was the stable one of the lot, but nope! She let her own insanity show this past week as she saw her producer talking business with someone that WASN'T her, and couldn't help but interject.

Teairra Mari: "Olivia? She's doing her fuckin job. And kudos to you, bitch. Whoop, whoop." *irrational laughter* "But ..." *more irrational laughter* "... at the same time, my ass has to think about MY ass."

Granted, I only started watching this season, but that sorta came outa nowhere as Teairra, up until that point, had been the calming voice of unbiased reason for everyone else. That being said, you gotta love the glossy 'I'm not the least bit understanding right now' look in her eyes, as she laughed through her growing hostility.

Watch Love & Hip HopMondays @ 8pm on Vh1.

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