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TV Quote of the Week - 1/22/12

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Back again with yet another double dose of TV Quote of the Week! ... I usually weed it down to just 1 quote, but this week was a good one for TV so you're getting 2. Deal with it.

The 1st comes to you from, once again, one of the very BEST comedies on TV, ABC's Happy Endings! I mean, this show has so many winners, its impossible to overlook them. This week was no exception, with Penny reveling in her success at "changing her boyfriend for the better", and Alex flatly offering the GREATEST, most note-perfect response to ANY egocentric tirade ever:

Penny: "I'm gonna start a blog ... Or a Twitter ... *gasp* And then it'll become a TV series starring Alyssa Milano!"

Alex: "Boy, I wish MY last name was a cookie."

Everyone on Happy Endings is awesome, but Elisha Cuthbert is truly one of it's secret weapons.

Happy Endings - Wednesday nights @ 9:30p on ABC.

And then the 2nd Quota-licious TV snippet comes to you from one of the most UNLIKELY of sources! MTV's Jersey Shore! Well, if it were Pauly D or Snooki or something, then it wouldn't be such a surprise, but nope! This winner comes straight from ... Sammi "Sweetheart"?! ... Is that Right?? ... Yep! Believe it! Sammi had some HIGH-LARIOUS shit to say about the Situation's latest jump-off, ranking as one of the best Compli-Disses I've heard in a very long time.

Sammi: "I actually really like Paula. She may be dirty and grimy and disgusting ... But she's just a nice girl!"

And that's why she's called "Sweetheart".

Watch Jersey Shore - Thursday nights @ 10pm on MTV.

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