Monday, October 22, 2012

Top 10 Horror Movie Countdown! #10 - PHANTASM

Hey there boys and ghouls! (yep, I said it) Ok. Halloween. I love it. Horror movies, candy, dressing up - the whole 9 yards of bullshit. And so, in anticipation of, I'm gonna run down the Top 10 Horror Movies of All-Time, as decided upon by ... Me! Each day - a new movie - as we inch closer to the #1 horror flick which will be unveiled on Halloween day! Sounds like fun? Cool. I knew you'd like!


Often described as the horror movie that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, Phantasm came out in 1979, and was written and directed by Don Coscarelli. Essentially, its about a kid in a strange small town (shocker), who, after the death of his parents and friend, begins to investigate their funeral home and its there that he discovers the evil funeral director known as 'the Tall Man', his army of demonic killer dwarves (that look like Jawas, for some reason) and his flying silver spheres that slice and dice. The Tall Man has a sinister plan for the town and in it - death is only the beginning ... 

How does it make the top 10?

Phantasm is just so CREEPY! The Tall Man is one of the scariest horror movie baddies of all time. He doesn't stalk or skulk or come at you in the darkness. He's right there for everyone to see, day or night, which adds an extra element of fear. Many horror movies play with the idea of what is real and what's not - whether you are dreaming or awake - and Phantasm is no exception, but with the hopeless feeling of loss and despair from the start of the film, even the real world OUTSIDE of the nightmare is bleak, offering just as little solace. 

If you've never seen it? I highly recommend, as Phantasm will make your brain itch for years.

As always, feel free to comment! I love your input and discussion, and check back in tomorrow to see what makes #9 on the countdown of the Top 10 Horror Movies of All-Time! ... Till then!!

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