Saturday, October 20, 2012

YOU can now be a part of Iron Man 3!!!! ... kinda ...

Hi there, humans! Don't want to overload you with TOO much Comic-Bookiness this week (can't believe 'spell-check' didn't tag the word 'bookiness' ... oh, wait - THERE it is! ... anyway) but I found something cool that you might like and lets you actually "contribute" to ... something ... in some way ... Uhm ... Iron Man 3!!

Unless living under a rock (which may or may not be awesome), you know that the Iron Man films have been one of the biggest superhero franchises to date, and the 3rd installment is due to hit theaters next summer. Cool, right? So ... "Where's the trailer for it?", you ask? Well that's where YOU come in! Iron Man 3 has a Facebook page, and on it there is an image of Tony Stark's Arc Reactor - the little glowy thing in Iron Man's chest that can be powered up ... by YOU! All by clicking the "Like" button. The more people that click, the faster it powers up. And once it hits full power? The brand new official trailer for Iron Man 3 will be available! ... All thanks to you! Now wouldn't that make you feel important? (don't answer that)

Just go ahead and follow this link that crazy Uncle EJ has provided - Power the Arc Reactor!!

... You're welcome.

Oh, and BECAUSE I know you like moving pictures, I'm throwing a quick little video nugget of Robert Downey Jr.'s surprise visit to the San Diego Comic Con earlier this year to promote Iron Man 3, along with Don Cheadle, Jon Favreau, and the new director, Shane Black.


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