Tuesday, March 19, 2013

between a Rock & a hard place ...

Unless you've been living under a rock ... *cough* ... *ahem* ... (sorry about that), you probably know that WWE Superstar turned Hollywood action star, Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson has since returned to the company that made him who he is, and has regained the WWE Championship title. This leads him to headline Wrestlemania 29, the "superbowl" of pro-wrestling, on Sunday April 7th in a title match against John Cena.

There is no doubt that the return of sports entertainment's biggest star is a huge draw and equates to larger ratings for the weekly WWE programing and ideally inflated sales for the Wrestlemania event, but there seems to be a growing shift in favor AGAINST the Rock, due to his apparent lack of commitment to the WWE Universe.

the signs say it all!

The Rock doesn't NEED to be back in the WWE. We all know this. He's back cuz he loves the business and loves the fans, which is great. However. the wrestling world is funny place. Fans have blind uncontested love for their favorites, but have expectations that go along with that love, and god help you if you cross them ... One of those expectations is being PRESENT and available week after week. Stars like Cena and CM Punk "prove" their dedication week-in and week-out, all year long.

When the Rock, or anyone else, floats back into the company after a 10 year absence, is awarded the highest title in the business, and only shows up maybe once or twice a month, people can't help but take exception ... Particularly when it starts to be viewed as nothing more than a platform to promote his new movie. (G.I. Joe)

Most rational people recognize the complexities of trying to be an active and consistent presence on a weekly live event that takes no breaks as well as honoring commitments to a movie studio that is signing your checks, so they don't HATE the Rock for his absence ... That being said, his "part-timed-ness"is not EVER going to change, and his in-ring show ability just ain't what it was in his younger days. Wrestling fans want what they want, and its undeniable that more of them than ever are calling for "People's Champ" to gracefully hang up his tights, once and for all.

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