Saturday, March 23, 2013

Beyonce to her fans: "Kiss My Ass"

Far be it from me to kick dirt on Beyonce ... Everyone knows I can't stand her, so it would be quite easy, typical, and fun for me to do ... But I occasionally surprise every time, and in this situation, I'm kinda NOT %100 against her!!

Ok. For those needing to be brought up to speed, Beyonce recently released a taste of her new song "Bow Down" (or "I Been On", or whatever its called), and its been drawing a bit of heat from fans, critics and whomever, due to the content and tone showcasing the bitchier side of 'Queen B".

Its not one of her better songs and its also not the worst, but for someone who has always sung from the platform of "Girl Power", "Women's Advancement" and "Female Unity", for her to then sing - "I know when you were little girls, you dreamt of being in my world ... Don't forget it, don't forget it ... Respect that. Bow down bitches" ... Well its gonna raise an eyebrow.

It certainly did with fellow R&B singer Keyshia Cole, who took to Twitter to voice her disgust. Cole, who I actually really like a lot, has gone at Beyonce and 'Destiny's children' before, so the two have already had their own share of beef to cook, but Cole hasn't been alone in her disapproval.

So Beyonce feels that the little girls who idolize and emulate her are "bitches" and that they need to bow down? Apparently. But to that I say - So what? ... Maybe they SHOULD bow down!

From the start, my problem with Bey was never her looks (she IS pretty hot) nor her music (some of her songs are very catchy) It was always the deep seeded character of a woman whom I could only see as self-serving and completely disingenuous. But, whatever. What do I know, right?

My favorite example is during a stage performance when bandmate Michelle totally eats the floor. Beyonce barely blinks at the replacement's potential injury ... Even Kelly Rowland (who I also hate) at least ALMOST checks a tiny bit to see if Michelle was ok ...

"Professionalism"? Or "I don't give a shit"?

Anyway, Beyonce is a Carter member ... oops, I mean "Charter Member" of the most powerful clique in Entertainment today. For those that thought that she just happened to the top because she's nice and sweet, and just accidentally fell on the throne as the reigning 'Queen of R&B' due to her grace and humility ... You're fucking stupid.

Beyonce can sing about whatever the hell she wants. Those that don't like it, and are "shocked" and "let down"? You're the ones who put her up on that pedestal in the first place, anointing her as something she's not ... Some kind of "Women's Advocate Icon" .... She's just a singer.

Declaring your #1 spot above everyone else is often part of Hip-Hop and R&B. So why criticize her for what everyone else does, and is the "norm" for her medium? ... Is she supposed to be "better than that"? ... Well, for anyone who actually BELIEVES that, you're EXACTLY the bitches who should be bowing down.

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