Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Chinese Food: Leaves a Sour Taste in your Mouth

Oh wow. I mean it HAD to happen again, and boy did it EVER! Remember Rebecca Black and her viral "hit" Friday that was bad, yet engaging to the point that you couldn't NOT listen? Well, the mastermind behind that, Patrice "Pato" Wilson, head of Ark Music Factory, has gone back to the lab and dished out another serving from a recipe that should seem all too familiar ... But this time he's really outdone himself with this new epically awful song and video titled ' Chinese Food ' with brand new internet pop songstress Alison Gold.

What is wrong with it? Oh, pretty much EVERYTHING. And once again, it has people thinking that something this terrible has GOT to be a joke. A spoof of some kind. But, nope. It's the real deal.

From the god awful lyrics, to the ear-splitting auto-tuned singingto the borderline racist undertones - Decide for yourself what makes this song/video legendary in it's fuck-up. I choose the part where the pre-teen girl inadvertently befriends a grown man (Pato) masquerading in a panda costume, only to wind up back in her bedroom, rapping at her slumber party ... geez ...

Its pretty much every bad idea anyone ever had, mixed into a pot, produced, and put it out there for the world to see.

Vid just dropped Monday and is well over a million views - Check it out the video HERE on YouTube. There's no shortage of people to blame here, so I'm going to go ahead and start with the exploitative PARENTS who offer up their kids to do these things, for just the slightest HINT of money or fame.

Pato might either be a genius or a madman for his ability to monetize garbage and make people pay attention to it. Either way, I cannot WAIT for the shitstorm that comes of this, as the blowback response should be monumental :)

2 cents. Spend it wisely.

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