Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Diva Division Disaster ...

JUST when the WWE Divas division was starting to catch some steam and get some recognition again, there is a 3-woman tag match like there was this past Monday night on WWE Monday Night Raw ... Natalya teams with the "newbies" from E!'s Total Divas, Eva Marie & JoJo to take on Alicia Fox, Aksana, and Rosa Mendes ... Uhg. Just awful ... And that is putting it VERY lightly. It was the worst match I think I've ever seen. Such a shame, as the night before Brie Bella & AJ put on one of better matches of the night at the Battleground Pay Per View.

Eva Marie & JoJo are as green as can be so its understandable that they wouldn't be the sharpest on their Raw debut of active competition. But you'd think the WWE would protect the brand so as to not even let them out there till they were absolutely ready. Apparently, not so much. And this is really commentary on Eva Marie's crappiness as (thankfully) they wrapped the match up quick so we never quite got to see JoJo be terrible.

The only good that came from this match is show the glaring difference in performance level for a top notch Diva compared to those of limited talent, like say an Aksana, and just how much worse it can get from Divas like the newbies. Thus, I felt inspired to rank the top Divas currently on the active roster.

#14 - Eva Marie
She's about as bad as it gets. She can physically take a bump without hurting herself, I suppose. And she's tall. And ... "pretty-ish?" ... If you like her sorta thing (I do not) Her "skills" stop there. No personality. No Charisma. No in-ring ability on any level. Just about as bad as can be. Even Snooki (yes, THAT Snooki) put on a better match when she gave it a go.

#13 - JoJo
The good & bad news is that we haven't seen what she can do, which is the only reason she's ranked higher than Eva Marie ... She hasn't shown us how awful she is ... yet. But she has even less appeal than Eva Marie. She doesn't have the size of Eva to even appear physically intimidating, so she'd need speed and athleticism to really shine ... I'm skeptical, but we'll see.

#12 - Aksana
She looks great, fair enough on the mic and is compelling enough in-story (liked her stuff with Teddy Long), but yeah ... She's about as bad in the ring as a Diva can be ... At least she was till the newbies started competing.

#11 - Cameron
She could be competing with Aksana for the worst (aside from the newbies). Aksana delivers better, but Cameron (to her credit) hasn't stunk up a match and noticeably botched everything she's tried as much as Aksana has. Cameron can dance, but ... yeah. That's about all she brings.

#10 - Tamina
She can move in the ring and she's got it the power department, but that's it for her. Nobody will ever care about a Tamina match as she can't tell or carry a story in the ring or on the mic. AJ's bodyguard? That's about all she's good for.

#9 - Rosa Mendes
This is about the divider for the next level of Divas. I never found Rosa to be the most talented in-ring, but she's solid. She delivers well and sells other. She's very good (comparatively) on the mic, and is compelling in the stories she's involved in. She's improved a lot over the years and has potential if she continues to do so.

#8 - Kaitlyn
I like her although she's not as phenomenal as many people give her credit for. She's pretty good in-ring (although limited move-set) and works as one of the "power" divas. Her mic work is lacking but the personality is there. She's one of the relatively "newer" Divas so she has loads of time to continue to get better, which I think she will.

#7 - Nikki Bella
John Cena's woman, unfortunately, is the "inferior" twin in-ring. Although maybe it just feels that way lately as she's been nursing an injury so Brie has been getting more time to develop and shine as a solo performer. That being said, she's been fair enough throughout her career and has enough personality to make stories engaging. When she gets competing again, we'll see if she can catch her sister.

#6 - Alicia Fox
Very underrated Diva who (like most Divas) just isn't given enough to work with. She's among the division's best in the ring and solid all around. Other than her run for the Divas title (like forever ago) I can't remember the last time she was given any spotlight to showcase what she's got, so I really don't recall what she's like on the mic, but I believe in the Foxxy one!

#5 - Brie Bella
Definitely improved tremendously since her and her sister's return. It's awful to say, but Nikki getting hurt was the best thing to happen for Brie as its forced her to step her game up and really come into her own as a singles competitor. She's capable on the mic, as engaging as her sister, and can put on a show in the ring.

Tie for #3 - Naomi & Natalya
I personally think Natalya is a little overrated. She's great in the ring. She's the definition of the "old-school" Diva - "talent above all else", but these days (as with the Superstars division as well), it takes more than being able to sell great moves to be the A-list performer. Her mic-game is average at best, and as an in-ring story teller? She's pretty blah. I think she's about where she deserves to be in the Diva hierarchy.

Naomi ranks as high as Natalya as she is phenomenal in-ring. She's got maybe the most exciting move-set of all the divas and she delivers well. She looks great and has loads of potential. Haven't truly seen what she can do on the mic, but I think if/when she splits from Cameron, hopefully with a solid heel-turn, she could become the top Diva in WWE.

#2 - AJ Lee
No question that she's just about as great a Diva can be today. She's smart and now that she's a "veteran performer" (can u believe it?) she's comfortable enough to totally own the mic. She's great in-ring, selling everyone else to perfection, and she's got the speed and athletic ability to make everything she does in there worth watching. Personality? - Absolutely. She's literally carrying the entire Divas division right now on her tiny shoulders.

#1 - Layla

Layla is my favorite Diva and is just the straight up BEST (albeit, underused) Diva right now. Her in-ring skill is second to none and carries the most diverse moves in her arsenal than any other Diva. She just exudes charisma with her cute little British accent and knows how to put on a show. Her mic skills are also the best of the Divas too. Even better than AJ's when you give her something to talk about. Remember LayCool?  Yeah, Layla was phenomenal. It sucks that she doesn't get enough shine.

So yeah. Agree? Disagree? Wanna punch me in the face? Let me know what you think!

2 cents. Spend it wisely.

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